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Replacing nonconforming billboards - issue in Michigan as in Alabama

Another owner of billboards in Kokomo is fighting an order to take down the signs damaged by the Nov. 17 tornadoes. 

This is similar to what happened in Daphne, when a billboard destroyed in a hurricane was ordered to not be reconstructed. Of course, the company did it anyway, despite even the arrest of a worker, and then they sued the city. That is still going on, 7 years later!

Does this kind of billboard make you feel safe & proud?

The purpose is SUPPOSED to be deterrence - criminals see this god-awful sign and decide not to rob someone. Do we really think that is a good use of tax money - hoping that some no-count crook happens to see a giant sign and decide to go straight? Or would it be better to take down billboards, make our communities more attractive, and use government funds on PROVEN crime fighting strategies? 

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